Landscape Design

This table-top design is perfect for your child to set his train tracks on. It features a river, two lakes, and several clumps of trees. Additional trees and lakes can be added if you prefer. 

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  1. My boys have had this table for just over a week now. They have played Lego's on it. It is a great place for them to play with the cars and trucks and planes they build. They can build a whole city on the board. This table also keeps the Lego's off the floor and confined to one location. The best part of all - when the boys are done, you just push the table under the bed. The boys don't want to destroy what they just built, and mommy wants it cleaned up. This way both mommy and boys are happy. The boys look forward to using the table to build hot wheel tracks and Geo Tracks.

    Jenni and Scott, you did a great job on building it. My boys are rough on their toys, and even after a few attempts at skateboarding on the table, it works just fine. The paint job is creative. I am glad there are creative people in this world that makes up for my non creative nature.