Thursday, February 16, 2012

Activity Tables for Sale!

These hand-crafted activity tables are easily stored underneath your child's bed, perfect for train, car, puzzle, bead work, and lego play! Wheels attached to the bottom of the table make clean up and putting away simple. Imagine just rolling the table full of lego creations, hotwheels, puzzle pieces, or train tracks out of sight until the next time your child is ready to play!!! 

We custom make each activity table, so you tell us the size you prefer. Our most common orders are 5 x 3 feet - which easily fits underneath a twin-sized bed, while other people prefer "card table" size (approximately 32" X 32") so they can continue to utilize some space under the bed for storage.

You also can choose what is painted on top! Some options are:

1. A one color top for puzzles, bead work, and serious lego play
2. A track design for hotwheels and trains
3. A landscape scene to go underneath train tracks (such as lakes, rivers, and trees)
4. A city scene featuring streets and parking lots for your child's cars and lego buildings
5. A custom design, featuring the unique interests of your child

We are happy to work with you to make it just the way you wish, so let us know what works best for your child. To ensure longevity of the design, each activity table is primed and sealed. It ONLY costs $45 for a brand new, custom-made activity table your child will LOVE, and your order will be completed within 1-2 weeks!

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