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As moms of three young kids each, we are always looking for ways to keep our homes organized while giving our children of space to play! Sarah designed this activity table after realizing how helpful it would be to have a spot for her son's lego creations to stay safe in between play sessions. Sarah loves how her son can roll the table out to build legos on or play "race track" with his cars, and then she can roll it back under the bed for quick clean up when he is done!

To do our part in "going green," we take used doors to make each table. The hollow inside of the doors make the tables lightweight and portable. Trim is placed around the edge of the table to keep the toys from falling off, and wheels are attached to the underside so the table can easily roll away for storage. Most train tables you buy in the store are big and bulky, taking up a lot of space in the home.... but not this one! It takes no more space than than the bed already in your child's room!

Jenni enjoys painting the top of each table to match the requests of each customer, and we enlist the help of our husbands when power tools are needed to resize doors, add trim, and attach wheels! We're thankful they are good-natured about our latest venture!

Sarah's Family
Jenni's Family
We hope you enjoy this activity table as much as we do. Try it and you'll see how organized your child's play and cleanup becomes!

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